Wednesday, 4 April 2012

YOUR BAKES: Hot Cross Buns

I am happy to see that your Easter goodies look considerably more fantastic than mine - and I am inspired to make Mary Berry's Hot Cross Buns again (but pay full attention this time!). Thanks to everyone who took the time to join in the Weekly Bake-Off and a very special thanks to our lovely judge Jules @eversnanajules who pledged her valuable time to us this week.

Sue Ryan
Jules says: "Lovely shiny buns bursting with fruit."

Jules says: " Lovely pronounced crosses, dark colour and beautiful shine."

Caroline Cowan
Jules says: "Little pale, but lovely fruit filled, soft insides."

Jules says: "Nice cross shape in buns, which looks hard to do but still show up with these."

Lynda Williams
Jules says: "Harder to see crosses but shape, colour and shine are wonderful."

Fiona Reed
Jules says: "Bright crosses and nice to see the fruit under shining tops."

Self Raising Flower
Jules: "Nice raised crosses and abundant fruit."

Teresa MM
Jules says: "Although not individual buns these made me smile with their uniform appearence and crosses. A whole tray of yummyness."

Sarah Plant
Jules says: "These look sooo inviting."

Claire Laing
Jules says: "Shine on these is picture perfect."

Louise O'Boyle
Jules says: "Iced on crosses after baking? :o) Bountiful and fruit filled."

Rachel Leah
Jules says: "These look so light and fluffy."

Food For Thoughts
Jules says: "Colour of these is so brilliant and scream 'come and eat me!'."

Sew Appetising
Jules says: "Wow, love seeing all these together like this, and the insides look great too!"

Zoe Revell
Jules says: "I can imagine the slight crisp crunch on these dark bronze beauties."

Jules says: "Colour is fab on these, shine and cross look great too."

Jules says: "Nice big crosses and shine beautifully inviting with the cuppa in the background."

by Jules

"Wow it sure is hard on the judging side, but great to look through them all too.  The winner is
Not only did they look similar to Marys they also looked so inviting, with colour and shine also. It was a hard choice though and I would hate to have to judge every week as they all look so good to dig into."